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Top 5 Barbaric Facts About The Spartans

The Spartans were Greek warriors from ancient Sparta. They were known as the greatest warriors of ancient Greece.

Sparta become great by its unique system of laws, made by the famous law-giver Lycurgus. He divided land between the Spartans, creating 10,000 land-slots, meaning at early times when they were all filled Sparta had 10,000 soldiers in its army. His laws made Sparta’s glory-era from about 1000 B.C. till about 700 B.C. when his laws, which made Sparta great, were still perfectly followed.

Every aspect of Spartan society was geared towards producing the perfect soldier. Infants were inspected at birth and left in the wilderness to die if deformed or sickly. The Spartans became the greatest warriors of ancient Greece by their merciless and brutal training.

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