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Top 5 Most Haunting Photos of World War I

The numbers reveal the horror of the Great War: Sixty-five million soldiers fought. Nine million killed in combat. Nearly 20 million wounded. World War I reshaped Europe, redefined international power structures, introduced the U.S. as a global superpower and fundamentally changed the role government played in people’s everyday lives.

Top 5 Barbaric Facts About The Spartans

The Spartans were Greek warriors from ancient Sparta. They were known as the greatest warriors of ancient Greece. Sparta become great by its unique system of laws, made by the famous law-giver Lycurgus. He divided land between the Spartans, creating 10,000 land-slots, meaning at early times when they were all filled

Top 5 Wealthiest People of Ancient History

If someone were to ask “who is the richest man of all time,” the name Bill Gates  might pop into your head. Although he is exceedingly wealthy, he is far from the top 5. The richest of the rich belong in a separate club than the rest. It is a