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Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

Set in 18th century France, the film centers on the perverted friendship of the Marquise de Merteuil (Close) and the Vicomte de Valmont (Malkovich). Both are ruthless, wealthy, bored and full of lust - and used to be lovers. The focal point of the movie is a bet between the

Restoration (1995)

This lavish historical drama based on the acclaimed novel by Rose Tremain won Oscars for Costume Design and Art Direction. Robert Downey, Jr. stars as Robert Merivel, a talented medical student of the 17th century who ignores his studies in favor of pursuing debauched fun -- much to the dismay

300 (2006)

Frank Miller's sweeping take on the historic Battle of Thermopylae comes to the screen courtesy of director Zack Snyder. Gerard Butler stars as Spartan King Leonidas and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones fame) plays Queen Gorgo. The huge army of the Persian Empire is sweeping across the land, crushing every

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Balian (Orlando Bloom), a young French blacksmith, is mourning the loss of his wife and young son. The religious wars raging in the far off Holy Land seem remote to him, yet he is pulled into that very intense drama. Amid the pageantry and intrigues of medieval Jerusalem he falls

The Man Behind the Iron Mask

Summary of: The Man Behind the Iron Mask "For more than three hundred years the legend of 'the man in the iron mask' has held a place on the stage of human enquiry and debate. From the time of his incarceration during the reign of Louis XIV right through to our modern

Ironclad (2011)

Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Paul Giamatti stars as King John in this epic historical adventure chronicling the siege of Rochester Castle in the year 1215. Forced under duress to sign the Magna Carta, an angry King John assembles a rogue army and fights to take England back by

Rome (2005)

Summary: "Rome" is the saga of two ordinary Roman soldiers and their families. An intimate drama of love and betrayal, masters and slaves, and husbands and wives, it chronicles epic times that saw the fall of a republic and the creation of an empire. The series begins in 52 BC,

Downfall (2005)

In the dead of a November night in 1942, SS officers escort a group of young women to the Wolf's Lair, Hitler's headquarters in Eastern Prussia. They are candidates for the post of personal secretary to the Fuehrer. Among them is 22-year-old Traudl Junge, a fresh-faced girl from Munich. Traudl

The Tudors (2007)

Summary: The Tudors is a series created by Showtime based on the life of King Henry VIII of England and his six wives, covering the latter twenty-seven years of his thirty-eight-year reign. It was filmed in and around Dublin, Ireland, and features a predominantly Anglo-Irish cast. Although not entirely historically accurate, the

Versailles (2015)

Summary: This television series recreates the life of France's most famous king, Louis XIV. Dubbed the Sun King by his admiring court, Louis conquered half of Europe, conducted dozens of love affairs and dazzled his contemporaries with his lavish entertainments. But perhaps his greatest achievement - and certainly his longest lasting