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Top 5 Facts About The Madness Of Charles VI

"I humbly beg pardon from all those I harmed" - Charles VI after trying to kill his brother and several of his knights in a fit of madness By the fall of 1407, Charles VI had suffered no fewer than thirty-five spells of derangement, many of them lasting for weeks or

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Henry I

In November 1135, Henry I, the youngest of four sons of William the Conqueror, was staying at a hunting lodge in Normandy. At sixty-eight years old, the Conqueror was still in relatively good health to be planning to go hunting on the following day. Contrary to his doctor’s orders, it

Top 5 Events Of Harold Godwinson (Harold II)

"I will give him just six feet of English soil; or, since they say he is a tall man, I will give him seven feet." - Harold Godwinson commenting on Harald Hardrada right before he destroyed Hardrada and his army at the Battle of Stamford Bridge Harold defeated his enemies

Top 5 Interesting Facts About The Viking King Cnut

The Viking Conquest of England in 1016 saw two great warriors, the Danish prince Cnut and his equally ruthless English opponent King Edmund Ironside fight an epic campaign. Cnut would end up ruling the majority of England. Cnut was far removed from the archetypal pagan Viking being an avid  protector

Top 5 Famous Scottish Castles

Scotland is home to an array of castles dating back as far as the Viking age. They have taken many forms and styles, creating a large diversity across the country. Scottish castles evoke strong defensive structures and were used in the protection of this proud and historical country. Many are situated

Top 5 English Medieval Knights

“Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds.” - Dejan Stojanovic The knight was a disciplined and well-trained professional soldier. Was he also chivalrous? The knight’s code of honor cannot be under estimated and was of great importance, but so was his quest for financial rewards. Capture

Top 5 Facts About The Fall Of Constantinople

"I will defend my people to the last drop of blood. " - Emperor Constantine XI to Sultan Mehmet II Constantine XI would do just that. He fell in battle defending his city to the very end. The fall of Constantinople had a profound effect not only on the Middle East

Top 5 Interesting Facts About King Edward I of England

"We shall then defeat the whole lot of them in one go!" - Edward I of England Edward I is known in popular culture as "Longshanks," conqueror of Scotland and enemy of Sir William Wallace (in "Braveheart"). Yet this story comprises only the final chapter of the king's action-packed life. Earlier,

Top 5 Insane Monarchs

History has generally not been kind to kings and rulers who have suffered from insanity. Today we are more genteel and call it “a mental illness” but the subjects of these insane kings and rulers would likely not be so kind in describing their behavior. One thing is for certain