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Top 5 Roman Generals

In terms of its prosperity, the Roman Empire’s history is unprecedented. Most scholars and historians consider it to be the “perfect empire” as it had a good military, strong government and stable economy. The Roman Empire is considered to be the first to have a professional military force and the

Top 5 Roman Technological Innovations

Even though most people may not realize it, many of the major modern technological inventions can be traced back to Roman civilization. According to the history books, Ancient Rome is known for a vast amount of the most popular and useful inventions that have shaped the world as we know

Top 5 Roman Emperors

The Roman Empire ruled the known world for hundreds of years. The Roman Emperors ruled Rome for over 500 years. During those last 500 years there were 147 different emperors. Some lasted only a few days while others were able to hold and consolidate power for longer periods.  5. Marcus