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Top 5 Interesting Facts About The Mechanical Turk

"Tis a deception! granted, but such a one as does honour to human nature; a deception more beautiful, more surprising, more astonishing, than any to be met with in the different accounts of mathematical recreations." - Karl Gottlieb von Windisch 1784 In the 1770's, an inventor by the name of Wolfgang von Kempelen showcased

Top 5 Events Of The French Revolution

“Citizens, did you want a revolution without a revolution?” – Maximilien Robespierre As one of the most chaotic revolutions in history, the French Revolution holds a unique legacy, especially in the West. The early years of the Revolution were fueled by Enlightenment ideals, seeking the social overthrow of the caste system

Top 5 Military Losses of Napoleon

"Grouchy had lost himself; Ney appeared bewildered…D’Erlon was useless; in short, the generals were no longer themselves." - Napoleon Bonaparte after his defeat at Waterloo Those generals had been to hell and back with Napoleon. At Waterloo, General Ney's cavalry overran the enemy cannons and charged the British cavalry-proof square formations